Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anti corrUPTION Campaign

After i made some reseach, i have found that Indonesia is supposed to be more advance than Malaysia in a lot of aspect.The question is ,why they are'nt? One of the factor is CORRUPTION.This problem does stop the indonesian to devolep their country. I do believe that not indonesian is do support corruption or in indonesia it is call korupsi,most of the people are fighiting it..I as a citizen of Malaysia giving my fully support to anyone who fight againts corruption in any parts of the world...SAY NO TO CORRUPTION

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Before i do not really understand what is the meaning of love...But after i taste it,it is somekind of feeling that we cannot express with our own words..It is kind of abstract that only people who are in love knows it.Hahaha,its kind of funny to talk about love..but it is too beutiful...People out there who have not found it,IT WILL COME BY ITSELF, trust me...

WelcOme To INdonesia

I am so tired,just after schoo then straight going to Indonesia..Hahaha..On my Way hear we were block by a group of police.They check the entire bus, searching for something, that no want knows.they Found nothing,thank God.The People here are bad road users,i mean really bad.. They drive like hell, but it is a good experience for me and they really THOUGT me about the importance of DICIPLINE at road...hahaha..I hope i can see more new things, to share with my friends and you all..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


HMMM...i have finish my MCE after struggling for about two years in my beloved school just to prepare myself for the the examination. Now its the time for us to go,, leaving the school for the last the whole comunity of sainsku that already help me until this moment, i want to say thank you and i really appreciate it. I hope that we can meet again in the future. I always pray for Sainsku to achieved great Achievement in anything they involve..

Saturday, November 3, 2007

What A daY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a miserable day today,hmm i lost 20 ringgit because of joining some privilage card that offers discount for airplane fair, hotel charge and a lot more. MOney its hard to get but easy to loose. Thats why if we want to achieve something, we need too work as hard as we can. Not just sitting and hoping Money will fall from the sky. All millionnaires work so hard to the achieve what they want. Same goes to all person in this world and remember, no Sacrifice no VICTORY.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The JourNey JUst Started

I always have a dream to become a millionnaire. It is a long journey that i need to go through before achieving what i am beram of. There are a lot of things i need to overcome. Life is not easy, and easy is not life. The journey have just started and there still long way to go.

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