Monday, December 31, 2007

HappY New Year

I want to say Happy New YEar to all MAlaysian anywhere in the world.....We pray to God that next Year will be better than this year...After almost one month in Egypt, i think that Malaysian should appreciate our Country...This is because Malaysia is a beutiful country...Egyptian really appreciate and Respect Malaysia as the leader of the devoloping country................So MAlaysia think about it ok...

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Friends........In our Life we really need friend...i really miss my friend,the generation x.....In egypt, your friend is like part of your body...i am happy to be in Egypt is because of my egyptian friend such as Wesam, Bisui, Ziyad,Amru,Rocky,Ahmad...They are really true friends...If you go here, you will understand why...FRiends Forerver


Anyone that want to gain weight fast, you all can go to Egypt.....I really meant it...You gonna it different kind of food such as maashi,koswary,tamiya,foul or magluba...Here the people are eating a lot...Everyday for my breakfast, i will eat like 3 breads(the big one) and for lunch (two or three plate of rice)...hahaha...When i go back too maLaySia, iam gonna like be so fat.....Magluba(Rice,chicken,potatoes) Baba prepare it...and only FIVE peoples needed to finish it up...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nama saya RAIN

It is raining in Cairo…This the first time for me to saw rain falling from the sky in Egypt even thought it is little. Alhamdulillah,(praise to Allah) rain2 c0me again...please dont go away....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pyramid-its hUGE

Pyramid is one of the seven wonders in the world. Before today, it is a dream for me to see it by myself. It is a dream comes true. I finally saw it, the three Great Giza Pyramids at al-Haram in Giza. I took a tour around the pyramid by riding a horse. This is the first time I ride a horse and it is really fun but the pain started after you woke up the next day. I was taken around by a tour guide name Mahmood. He shows me around. The three pyramids are made in different kind of stone. The smallest on is made in granite and I forgot the other two. The pyramid does show the magnificent in architecture, engineering, science and mathematics. When I were there, I thought in my mind, “how can they build it?” Anyway, to visit the pyramid it will cost you 50 L.E or RM 30.if you are foreigners and if you are local it is only 2 L.E or RM 1.21.
hoho....i Am the next Zorro


It is the day of Qurban or Eid Adha. Today, in my Aunt’s house in Munifiya a suburban city more than 30km from Cairo, we had sacrificed a cow. I had taken some video and photos for all of you to see it. For your information, one cow cost around 6000 L.E or RM3636 in Egypt.This is in good condition DO you recorgnize it???

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Im celebrating Eid in Cairo with all my new relatives...We celebrate eid on 19th of trip from minya tooks about 3 hours to cairo using my fathers car..We arrived at my grandfather's house at 1.30pm . I took my first hair cut in Egypt at a barber shop beside the house...if i am not mistaken the name of the barber is Sulaiman....They are really friendly to me...After that, we have our dinner(cow's liver).After solat, we go to my aunt's house in Munafeyer...kk..thats all for today..tata

Saturday, December 15, 2007

NEfertiti.....the city ICon

My new hometown Icon is One of the Queen of EGypt...Queen Nefertiti......Nefertiti..heheeQueen of Minya

SArapan Pagi @breakfast

If you are in egypt, this probably what you gonna have for your will eat alot of bread(i mean alot of bread)..And you will eat foul, cheese,jem, and honey..BREAKFAst......

ILLEgal Tour

After school, I was brought on an ILLEGAL TOUR to Al Minya University by my friend Midu. He is a student of Faculty of Science in that university. I entered the university using Midu’s friend Student card. I was so afraid cause if the police that guarding the university will find out that I’m not one of the University’s students, I will be in BIG trouble. When the police ask for my student card, I was shivering like hell but the police just let me through. Midu feels weird cause it was to easy….Maybe I have that Egyptian face..hahahaha…Then I visit a lot of faculty such as Faculty of Science, Faculty of Tourism and Faculty of Medicine…It was a great tour eventhough its illegal. Where ever I go, I would probably will be introduce to Midu’s friend. Egyptian are really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really friendly..............Can you all imagine that the policeman let me through to the university by using This Guy card...Or maybe we look the same...hahaha

Friday, December 14, 2007

First day In NEW school

Today is my first day of school. The name of the school is Minia Language School, it is the best school in town. I was showed around by the best student in the school, Esam. I’ve made some new friend such Umar, Ziyad and Bisyu. They bought me tamiya and foul(Egyptian food) at recess time. Egyptian are really friendly, I really mean it. I will continue my story about my school in my next post…SalamEnjoying tamiya and foul with new friend

LOng Journey

Its my trip to al-Minya. I am using train from Cairo to Minya with my friend alen and an Afs Volunteer Karim. Our train start to move around 1.30 pm. The journey supposed to take only four hours but the train broke down two times and I just arrived at 8.00pm. Even though it was a tired journey, but it gives me a lot of new experience cause I can saw a lot of fascinating view from the tain. When I arrived in al-Minya, I was took by my host family. I was so excited. That night, at dinner I ate two plate of rice at three fish (same size with ikan Bawal). It was great. I think when I come back to Malaysia, I will put some weight…… In The Damn Train,...hahahaa

Welcome to Dubai

This is my first time to dubai,eventhought only in the some picture of me and other afs participant(my new friend) to Egypt...
Dubai international Airport

my first Drink in dubai

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Today i got the oppurtunity to visit Malacca. Malacca is a city of history. MAlaysia might even exist because of Malacca..You can buy a lot of souviners here...You can also visit Afamosa, Crocodile Farm, Taman Mini Malaysia and Dataran Pahlawan.


You all also can find various kind of foods..One of my favourite is Roti John..
It taste Nice..MMMMMM

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

MAlaysia TruLy AsIa

Malaysia is one of the best tourism destination in the world. It has a lot of events througthout this year as this year is visit Malaysia Year..Here I provide some video of Malaysia.


The video shows the uniqueness of mult racial in Malaysia. ENjoy It.

NigHT maRket or PASar MalaM

If you are in KL try to go to any pasar malam. You will find a lot of things that are very cheap..You can buy jeans,T-shirt and even Durians.

The king of Fruit

Ive managed to buy 12 durians for only Rm25..hahaha..Its is the art of deal....

Its BIG....

Midvalley Megamall is too big for me..My head got dizzy when i entered that gigantic mall..I hope i can find one in egypt..haha..maybe egyptian should renovate the pyramids at giza to become a Megamall..

mom,syukri and i

Botanist been BorN in OUR scHOOl

Here is some photo of some hibiscus that we genecticly change.hahaha...
*picture been taken in front of Sapphire Hostel

*picture been taken beside Diamond Hostel

This does shown that PPSMI is good for Malaysia's Student, that does'nt need to be change back to Bahasa Malaysia.

Sainsku Gemilang

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Journey Start

Today is my flight to Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time I went to KL with Air Asia(everyone can FLY). Flight Ak2513 departed from Kuching International Airport at 2035 and landed at LCCT at 2225...What a day!!!

(at LCCT Kuala LUmpur)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Egypt, here I come

Ughhhh...I really need to have my rest after 8 hours of travelling home..But i can't, i need to prepare for my trip to egypt next week..I need to buy alotof things such as souveniers. I realy cannot wait, its to interesting to live with some Egyptian..hahaha....

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