Saturday, February 28, 2009

Say no To RAcism...

Who said we can't live in a harmony environment. Look at the picture. Two person differnt skin colour and race hug each other without any hatered in their faces. We know that nowdays the racism is quite big issue in Malaysia. Thats why i loved my state very much. Sarawak have almost 30 races but we lived happily. The one wioth me inside the picture is my friend, Chai Chang Wei. He is a Chinese and i am a Melanau but we never fight with each other. We even studied together back in school. i Even shared the same tent with him when we participate
in a scout camping.

Today's post i want to post it short cause i want you guys out there to think for yourself. What really happen and how to solve it. Or you guys can come to Sarawak and see how we lived here but nothing is perfect.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Assalamualaikum n hi...

Today i want to talk about PPSmi.. Do yOu know what is PPSMI?? PPSMI is a short formed for Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris or Teaching and Learning Science and Mathematic in English. Thats why they just mentioned it as PPSMI cause it is shorter. Why it is so great bout this issue until i interested to post an article about it.

This is because this issue is kind of a national issue right now. why??? This is because Malaysia is a small country that like to make small things BIG. For eg. Malaysian Government want to buy new helicopters for the Army to change the old and dying Nuri that had cause a lot casualties among the the soldiers even some generals also had died in crash. The government proposed to buy 12 new helicopters from Eurocopters but the opposition had ask PAC to conduct an investigation to ensure its transparency. After it had been done, PAC shows that the tender is clean but still the opposition wants the purchase to be review again. I am not the person who is with the government or the opposition but i just want to say that just buy the fucking Helicopters cause our soldiers life is at risk every time they ride on the old piece of crap that wait to crashed(NURi). Hey Guys our neighbors bought hundreds of Apaches but still doesn't make it as big issue in their own country cause they know how important it is for them to defend themselves.

Ok back to the real issue that is PPSMI. I was shocked by some organization that had lodge a police report on PPSMI. I laughed, he he he.. This bunch of old guys want to tell everyone that they are protecting or fighting for the right of Bahasa Melayu. These guys afraid that if we continue PPSMI the student cant speaks BM anymore or cant survive science and mathematic cause does not understand English. hahaha.

Man! I am one of the thousand of the pioneer pf the program and i still can speak Malay and Alhamdulillah i got good marks in my Science and mathematics subjects and i answered the exams in English. Maybe they will tell that me that i live in the city thats why i can handle the matter quite well. They may ask don't i thinks about the student in the rural area? I will definitely answer YES, cause I want the rural student had the same opportunities as the student in the city. To those guys that against the PPSMI cause telling that student at the rural area can't understand if we teach them science and Math using English and bla,bla,bla.. I just want to tell you guys PLEASE DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THEM. Give them chance. InsyaAllah that they will achieved the same with the student in the city and there are already a lot of rural student that had achieved great things in their life. For MAS CEO Datuk SEri Idris Jala.Hidup orang SARAWAK.

There are also some old guys than me told that if we want to improve our student's English, we domt meed to teach them SCience and Math in English. Damn. Can anyone tell him or her that PPSMI is not MAinly conducted to improved student's English. PPSmi is introduced by Tun Dr. Mahathir cause we want to give the student chance to learn the knowledge using its lingua franc. Can u guys imagine how many book, journal, website, research written in English. This vast amount of knowledge is accessible if the student know the term in English. How many is in Malay. This is the old guys fault cause taking a lot of time to translate it to our language. if we study using Malay, just imagine the student needs to wait for months or even years just to read something bout science or mathematics. ill bet our next generation will be..... you know what..hahaha.

They will be some old people will tell that the Japanese people can still be one of the most advance country in the world but still they are using their own language in teaching Science and math. Yup..its true and insyaAllah i will be flying to Japan to get my degree and know as a preparation i am studying science and math using Japanese. But i want to ask myself and all the people out there, Are we the same with Japanese. Their discipline and the cultural are totally different from us. They respect time, we don't. They prepare things moths before an event, we at the very last minute. I am not someone who want to show the bad side of us but its reality. Japan does not advance cause of their language but their attitude. I know cause i am teach but the Japanese people from Monday till Saturday 8.00am till 6.00pm.

My relatives from Indonesia respect Malaysia cause we are learning Science and Mathematics in English. They told me that our leader is full of vision(the previous one) hehehe.. They will be grateful if they have the same chance like us. All people know Malaysian hard to thank for all the great things they get. We just know how to complain and complain.

I ever think that does the students opinion is brought during the ROUND TABLE discussion about PPSMI. I thinks nope. These OLD guys just discussing bout their own interest. Politics and things like that. Hey you, we are the one who are learning!!! Ask our opinion. The Ministry can conduct a poll for the students that been thought using English to show whether they agree with PPSMI or not. This is our fate.

One more thing. It is about the billions of money that had been spend in term of text book, software and a lot of teaching materials. If we need to change back to Bahasa Malaysia, we will need a lot of money to change all the things. We are in the middle Economic crisis and cause of stupid decision we need to spend a lot of money that can be used to stimulate the economy. Just think bout it.

ok...I think thats all for PPSMI even though i had a lot more to say. Just to the guys up there..think before you guys make the decision cause we will suffer the cause of the decision and not you guys. i once again give telling that i am giving my full support to PPSMI..


Monday, February 16, 2009

Asrama TerBuka SmSK....

Assamualaikum n Salam Perpaduan(to smskian-sounds familiar rite)

Hi.. I have been thinking what really i want to post this week..hmm.. Then I remembered that this weekend,21 of February 2009 SMSK will have their open day or HAri ASrama TERbuka. This event is maybe one of the most important event in SMSK. For the boys its kind of fun cause we can visit the girl's hostel. hahaha... Even for only thirty-minutes we really make used the time that have been given by the school. You imagine 30minutes to visit around 30+ rooms..hehehe. It is some kind of quest to search the girls room which provide food or the room for the hottest gurl in SMSK(do we have?????) . some of the boys maybe sneaking around to
FINd THE NEMO. I bet the gurls will lock them safe some where..hahaha.

Anyway smskian really working as hard as they can to give their best decoration for their room. We clean the floor and ensure their is no single dust on it.. hahaha. damn we really working hard the last nite before Asrama Terbuka every year. Sometimes the atmosphere is quite tense when everybody is giving their opinion how to make the room beautiful. And here comes the role of the room chief. In the end the room will be so beautiful and sometime unique as all opinions is combined.

List of room that is decorated uniquely:
1. A room that its ceiling is Painted all black and they painted stars too. In front of the room their is also cactus plants. Their is also batman symbol sticking on the wall so we can call the room is using a concept of batman stranded at a desert in the middle of the nite.

2. There is also one room that use old newspapers to cover up their wall. These guys are quite genius cause 1st they save their money from buying paint and they are using use materials. Big Applause..

3. There also room that make a big Periodic table on their ceiling. So every time they woke up they will see the table and they can practice it. There also room that decorated their room by using ADD M3 formulas. This is a good idea to paint all the formula so it is easy for them to practice n when their result come out and results is great there might be reporter asking them question about what is their secret to archive great success . So they don't need to answer using stereotype answer such as Paying attention in classes and bla3. They can tell the reportest about their room. It will be a great publicity ya. hahaha.

And theres a lot more such as drawing bricks, splatting the wall with paint. Thats why i love this day cause we can see the creativity of the student.

But i also have bad memories during this day. One of it is i lost my dad's camera when all my roommates and myself fall asleep after the day. The camera was just beside me.. Anyway one of my roommates also lost his camera. That night we organize a Save and Rescue(SAR) team but still can't find it. We are doomed. hahaha..

Anyway there is alot of sweet memories during Asrama Terbuka. I really miss it. Thats why this weekend i will try my very best to come to SMSK to participate the event. I really hope the other eX-SmSkian can come cause its gonna be great. N to those who had bad memories and might hate the school for it just want to tell you guys even how bad it was SMSK is still our school.


Monday, February 9, 2009


hi everyone....

Im so exited today cause im gonna fly back to kuching...
And by the way i post this post at the LCCT using the Wifi @KLIA.. The speed is quite good even though its free.

I will departing at 19.40. insyaAllah, if there nothing happen.. so in 1hour and 45 minutes the plane wheel touched down at KIA.. and hopes once again there nothing Unexpected will happen..

so guys. All the best...

Friday, February 6, 2009

10....Magic number in Perak

I am not intend to discuss of points my views with what happen in Perak right now. I just want to tell you guys about the magic of number 10 in Perak's Politic scenario...

1. The PKR goverment collapsed 10days after the Bota assemblyman left UMNO and joined PKR.
2. Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is Perak's 10th Menteri Besar.
3.The Official Car plate number use by Datuk Seri Nizar is AGS10.
4. The election that won by the PR in Mac was the 10th election after the establishment of Barisan Nasional.
5. The PR government of Perak only last for 10 months.

A coincident???? Its nice ya...

2months Holiday...Yipi!!!!

I am counting my days before I will start my long holiday till April..huhuh...finally i can continue my driving course so i would get my license before i come back to KL.

Things to do during holidays:-

1. Sleep as usual
2. Searching for new business opportunity.
3. Get my Driving License
4. Study,Study,Study....

and a lot more...

Can't wait until my plane touched down at Kuching International Airport. And to my friend nazri if you want to "berambeh" at my home just tell me...

ok guys, see ya

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Creation of a Special Tribunal to try Israeli War Criminals

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

"Creation of a Special Tribunal to try Israeli War Criminals"

hosted on the web by, the free online petition
service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
signing yourself.

We as the civilian whether we are Muslim, Cristian, Buddhist or any religion that you have faith in must holding hands together so we can show all the leaders of the world that silence upon the Gaza conflict, that we do care about our brothers and sister in Gaza.

We also know that Israel leaders had committed crimes that we need to judge them in a tribunal for the sake of humanity and justice. We need to stop the aggression and the killings of innocent people.

My dear friends, Please do not lose your hope, insyaAllah one day the day that we waiting for willl come. A 1000 miles journey is began by a single step. So do your part .

Best wishes,

Abang Alli Zulfikar b Abang Sallehhadin

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