Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Week to Remember...

FiNally i got a little space for me to post inside my blog. Damn, this week is quite すかれる(tired). let see ya. hmm... i've made a wonderull trip to kedah last saturday. It was fun eventhough we depart from kl at 4.00a.m then when back to kl at 4.00p.m at the same day. WTF... hahaha.. When we stop at Pekan Rabu in Alor setar Kedah, my eyes caugth on an interesting shop.

-Agency(agensi in bm) Pencari Jodoh- anyone who are loking for a wife or husband to be you can come to Pekan Rabu, Alor Setar.. And i Heard that Kedah gurls are beautiful. so can go for a try..huhauhau

This week i also had my fukushiu testo..damn im quite frustrated cause i did not got manten...

But its ok.. i Will "work alot harder" so i can get manten for my testo..upps soory ..manten means u get full mark fot the test or exam that u had took.
this week i told my fren that i had a dream that i really want to. but i still do not know does it is really a dream for me or just somwthing that i want to do .hmm..i
also not quite understand what i want to tell u gus..uhh !@#$.. ok back to business..hmm.. After i saw the video about it i fall in love with want to know what.????

That is to enter Tokyo Institute of Technology or Tokyo Kyogou Daigaku aka TOKODAI. Situated in the heaart of JApan , Tokyo. It is one of the top Universities in Japan. Its only a dream. I t gonna be a reality if I work Damn hard so i will pass EJU with flying colour kite so i can apply for the UNiversity. hahaha..

ok guys..this week a lot of things happen..ya a quite need to remember week.. huhuhu..hOpe Allah will give us the courage to fulfil our dream guys..

thanks for reading...


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ekspolarasi Haji @ SMSK

This are some pictures of Sains Kuching student involved in one of the program that organised by Tabung Haji. The hajj eksploration is to give the student the oppurtunity to pratice what they have learned in PAI sylubus . The honourable gust for that day is YB Daud. he also took the chance to join the student to "tawaf" the fake kaabah that been assambled by the TH officers.

-Guest of Honour-

-Prefoming "saie"-

-Trowing stone to the DEVIL-

I hpe this kind of program will continue in the future. Thanks to everyone who involved in the program especiallyb Tabung Haji and SAINSku. that all from me ...chiow...


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